Sunday, 7 February 2016

Back to the blog!

Finally I find myself writing another blog post after a long hiatus, I haven't posted here in several months but have been occasionally doing some great birding, a short summary below.
    The Autumn provided me with two new birds, Whinchat and Short-Eared Owl, both on patch and quite surprising additions to the patch list. I later enjoyed stunning Short-eared owl views near the Corrib. Other nice county birds were a Great White Egret at Rahasane Turlough and a Black Redstart at Rusheen Bay, along with a stunning adult Sabines Gull on patch at Blackrock in late December, in summer plumage too!
    Meanwhile, I have been doing a lot of birding locally in and around town and Nimmo's pier. The weather as you all know has been veritable non stop storms, rain and wind since November, which has been often making it quite nasty and wet when I do get out to do some local birding.
   Bird-wise on the patch it has been a relatively quiet first month of 2016, some Iceland and Ring-Billed gulls, but no Glaucous Gulls yet.
    I should get a bit more birding in with the upcoming mid-term break and look to take more photos, see more birds and write a lot more posts on the blog in the coming year.
    Below are some recent shots, notably Iceland Gulls from Nimmo's Pier and a nice second winter Little Gull from a visit to Furbo Beach with Dermot Breen. Due to the image compression on the blog I would encourage you to click on them to view fullscreen, as the quality will be much improved.


A fairly evil looking Hooded Crow
The darker of the two 1st-winter Iceland Gulls present at the Claddagh Slipway

Iceland Gull

2nd-winter Little Gull


Record shot of an adult breeding plumage Sabines Gull which I found at Blackrock in December. These Pelagic birds are not usually seen at this time of the year, this close to the coast, and certainly not in this plumage!
This particular bird was seen in Inveran one day previously and then again in Furbo in January, the day before we had the Little gull there.


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