Thursday, 22 January 2015

A Clash of Interests

Hello all, and again, sorry for the lack of blog posts but I have been preoccupied with schoolwork. "The Mocks", or basically our pre-exams are only two weeks away for me and unfortunately that means that I have to spend time that I would like to be outside, inside. Studying. The thought is simply abhorrent and I would rather be anywhere else but what ho, I have no choice.
    So anyways, rant over, here are some shots from the past few weeks. It has been pretty quiet as birds go, the best birds were a Hen Harrier and some Grey Partridge at Boora, Offaly. Some other birds were nice for the patch too, like a Grey Plover on Barna Pier beach, a spot that hasn't had such a bird before. Also at Barna pier, on the 17th of January was a colour ringed Common Gull that was ringed in Lough Mask, Mayo in 2008. This was the second time it was resighted since being ringed as a chick, the first time was exactly four months ago, in the same place, seen by me. I have also been noticing a worrying scarcity in the numbers of wintering Purple Sandpiper around Galway, for example usually the amount of birds wintering at Barna Pier is 20. This year...2. The same can be seen in salthill and I wonder if this is happening elsewhere.
Ring billed gulls at Nimmo's, Only one in focus
Bar-tailed Godwit running through the surf

Purple Sandpiper
Tufted duck at dawn

Sunset on the bay

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