Thursday, 14 August 2014

Inishbofin and some recent photos

I stayed out on Inishbofin, an Island of the west coast of Galway, recently for two days, the bird life was quiet as to be expected at this time of year but I did manage to see a few Chough and some pure Rock Doves. There was also a huge profusion of common species such as stonechat and wheatear, I have never seen so many stonechats in my life! The most interesting species, the Choughs and Rock Doves were to be found in the west end of the Island. It is nice to see that the Rock Doves on Inishbofin are fully wild and genetically pure, This wild ancestor of our feral pigeon is under threat from interbreeding with feral pigeons and today pure flocks of these doves can only be found on our wild west coasts.
    Below are some recent photos of mine to make up for the lack of blog posts.
A Jay from a local wood

Seal at Nimmo's pier in Galway city, this individual was just after finishing a salmon. 

A Common Darter on a head of Knapweed

Swallow in the rain


First-winter Sandwich tern

Juvenile Ringed Plover

Sparrowhawk in my Garden!

Elephant hawk-moth caterpillar

Wild Rock Dove on Bofin

Calling Chough, Inishbofin

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